Why buy Leadvision products

We all know that our stores offer a multitude of products and the shelves and displays space is very limited. Knowing how to choose the right product is no easy task; which one will be a winner? What product will bring significant benefits not harming others? If I replace a product with another, what certainty do I have that I’m making a good decision? It is very difficult to accurately answer these questions and many others, as we can not predict consumer behavior. However, after many meetings where we discussed, studied, and analyzed all the possibilities, our expertise in retail has enabled us to offer relevant answers to these questions.

First, we would like to clarify that Leadvision has not actually invented anything, but did what many have forgotten or dodged. We only implemented the first basic rule of sales: proactive listening.

The Leadvision products are selected according to the consumer’s taste and choice. It is by visiting stores and talking to customers, technical staff and managers that we come to make informed decisions. Listening to consumer needs is paramount because, after all, they are the real buyers. Before presenting our products, we ensure that we have taken the pulse of those concerned. We present our samples, modify them according to the comments received and, therefore, we can bring high-quality products and very competitive prices with excellent margins for stores.

Our first mission is to find new exclusive products to create excitement, or a Wow effect that is the envy of other retailers. How many times can we say “ah, I would have liked to be the first to have seen or presented this product”?
With Leadvision, this is the direction you take. All our products come with a flawless support for your merchants and exceptional and welcoming customer service.

By choosing our products, you make sure you have a product selected and approved by your customers and your employees, as well as customer service and direct contact with us at all times.

At Leadvision the best tool is perseverance!

Over the years, we have demonstrated – both through our expertise and our innate sense of finding exclusive products – that we are always ahead of the competition. Leadvision is and will always be a leader in its industry.
Trust in Leadvision is much more than just a product distributed in your stores. We always work closely with merchandisers to ensure superior marketing in line with our customers’ expectations. Our rapidity of execution in crucial situations has given us this mark of exemplary confidence.

Here are 5 reasons why Leadvision is a unique partner


Since the beginning, several products have been distributed over the years, but Leadvision was the first company to introduce the following products in Canada.

Bamboo counter;

Asian composite wood;

Door casing in primed jointed pine;

Rolling garage door;

Acacia table and counter;

Composite Hybrid Ramp;

Composite wood from first generation with printing on the extrusion.


For several years now, Leadvision has been serving its customers with an exemplary and seamless distribution: our products are always assembled, prepared, packaged and delivered on time. No late shipment. Our strength is our consistency and reliability.


This is the best tool to promote the product. In events, shows and fairs, Leadvision does not shrink from any effort to optimize the visibility of its products. Thanks to close ties with merchandisers and store managers, Leadvision can create (in collaboration with our graphics department) prints, posters and in-store promotional displays beyond expectations. We are always ready to invest in order to stand out and create rhe Wow effect of admiration and wonder. Our primary goal will always be to find the concept that will increase sales.

Product Quality

Leadvision ensures that products meet international standards and the Canadian Building Code as well as the buyer’s requirements. Every company that wants to succeed in selling its products must ensure that their quality remains constant. The better the quality, the better the sales.

Support for merchants

Whether for advertising, marketing as well as all issues related to complaints, breakdowns, as well as technical support, our response time to resolve all situations far exceeds the expectations of our customers. Again, all this demonstrates that success is important to us.

We constantly deploy our resources, our creativity and new products as well as considerable efforts to create a marketing that represents the authentic signature of our company.

Leadvision invests in advertising, display, products, merchandising and consumer support to boost sales and optimize consumers’ shopping experience.

We have a motto at LeadVision:

Leadvision is not a trademark, its an emotion.